From concept to project
Planning with your architect in Vienna

As your architect in Vienna we plan (and realises) your building project according to the principle “Architecture means diversity!”. Each place, each project and each purpose is unique. We care about details. Therefore we strive for a specific, unique, innovative and custom-made solution for each project.

Architecture means diversity

Diverse wishes. Diverse ideas. Diverse requirements. Diverse needs. Last but not least diverse conditions and diverse plots of land. Quite clearly architecture just has to be diverse as well. Diverse just like our clients. Unique and individual.

Our aim as an architect is to find individual solutions for your individual demands. Tailor-made. Diverse. Providing maximum quality of usage and living.

Architecture and the art of construction

It’s the tailor-made architectural solutions that make our buildings so special. When planning a building we take into consideration not only the wishes and ideas of our clients, but also the presettings defined by the building plot, the building regulations and the given budget.  Because ambitious architecture can be affordable! In addition to custom-made architecture our design houses are characterised by high-quality construction methods and our fixed price guarantee.

Expertise in planning and construction

We are your architect of choice if you are looking for a partner that doesn’t only design creative, yet functional architecture for your building project but also is able to ensure the high-quality realisation of the design.

Our expertise covers everything from design planning to working drawings, including all building plans and documents to be submitted to the relevant authorities. With the experience from many years we can ensure that the design is implemented in a professional way and in full detail. We offer all the necessary services that make for a successful performance. Our clients’ biggest advantage: You only have to deal with one contact person from planning to completion. You don’t have to liaise between architect and master builder.

Individual, creative and functional

Our building projects are as unique as our clients. On our website we provide an insight into our work and inspiration for your own projects. Even if you already have specific ideas for your building project, taking a glimpse might be worthwhile. After all it’s always interesting to see how other people met their requirements.

Professional and experienced

We operate in Vienna and Lower Austria already for more than 50 years. As a third generation family owned business we have long-standing experience in the building and construction industry. Thus we know exactly what our clients need. Also in our capacity as architects we focus on our customer relations. Planning and construction complement each other. This means a priceless advantage for you: We plan our buildings – we build our plannings!

Your architect in Vienna

We plan a wide range of building projects, from brand-new solid brick buildings with garages to alterations and additions to garden infrastructure and garden buildings. What makes us extra special: We’re not only architects but as an experienced master builder company we are ready to put our plan into action and start building right away.

  • Single family houses
  • Multi-storey dwellings
  • Villas and country houses
  • Offices
  • Restaurants and shops
  • Alterations and extensions
  • Adjustment of business premises
  • Loft conversions
  • Development of barrier-free infrastructure
  • Renovations and refurbishments
  • Garden buildings
  • Swimming pools
  • Carports and garages
  • Driveways and car parks/parking lots
  • etc.