Our all-round planning services

We develop your building project together with you. All your ideas and considerations – as well as the set budget – will be incorporated into the architectural and constructional drawings.

When planning your building project we take into consideration the most advanced building technologies and how to achieve best results in regard to costs, timing and quality. Systematically and individually tailored to each client. Although project planning is the first stage of every project, it doesn’t necessarily end with the start of the construction work. We quickly respond to any requests for changes or changing conditions also during the construction phase.

Design planning

In the first phase of planning the project we identify the essential requirements and basic objectives. You tell us about your wishes, needs and the envisaged budget. We then develop a suitable solution.

Our aim is to create sophisticated designs. We keep in mind buildings laws, economic factors and functionality and individually balance these with your needs. The design planning consists of a floor plan, front, back and side views and section view drawings. Virtual 3D models give you a close-to-reality impression of your project. The design planning is the basis for the building permission application.


During the design phase we already cost out the whole project. All further decisions during the planning process are based on these calculations. Calculations are made on the basis of a suitable design, the selected construction and building materials and the dimensions of the planned building. The costs depend significantly on constructional details as well as on the quality of the selected materials and fittings.

Submission planning/ building permission application

Depending on the type of project, after the design phase each project has to be approved by the building authorities. On the basis of the design planning we develop a submission planning which then provides the basis of the building permission application. In addition structural-physical or statical analyses or other project-specific documents may be required in order to receive a building permission. We provide all the necessary calculations and documents, file all the necessary applications and guide you through the whole application process.

Working drawings

The submitted planning is then refined and turned into working drawings in order to execute the building project. The working drawings are illustrated at a larger scale, mostly at 1:50, so that all the details are legible and easy to read. The drawings contain all specifications that are necessary for the implementation of the new build or remodelling project. Besides details about the materials and the surface properties, the drawings might also contain information about static measurements, electric and sanitary installations or other specific planning details.

Energy efficiency and energy performance certificate

Energy-efficient construction is becoming more and more important when developing housing and working spaces. Especially with refurbishments energy efficiency improvements are essential and can contribute substantially to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

The energy efficiency of a building is calculated by means of a so-called energy performance certificate. Since the amendment of the building regulations in 2012 an energy performance certificate must be obtained for new buildings, extensions and additions to existing buildings as well as alterations and repairs that affect more than 25 % of a building’s surface. It is also obligatory when selling, renting or leasing a property.

In addition, proof of noise insulation and the use of renewable energy systems may also be required. Upon request we will be pleased to also advise you in this matter and perform the necessary structural-physical analysis in the course of the building planning.